Babel Brass Band takes pride in educating new generations of musicians and offers a jazz and New Orleans Brass band workshop for children in music schools and local communities. The workshop culminates in a collaborative concert where the participants get to perform alongside the talented musicians of the Babel Brass Band.

This workshop serves as a remarkable chance for children to learn from experienced professionals and create the kind of music they aspire to make. The musicians of Babel Brass Band not only possess exceptional musical skills but excel as educators, offering invaluable mentorship to the young participants. This unique experience provides an opportunity for the children to showcase their talent on a grand stage, captivating an appreciative audience. Such moments create lasting memories and offer priceless opportunities for personal and musical growth.


  • The workshop and concert would happen on the same day.
  • The workshop could happen either on weekday after 6pm or on a Saturday or Sunday AM or PM
  • The performance could be at local school, shopping mall, at a local festival/event 
  • Dates: Flexible: any time during the year, project can coincide with any events where this project might fit
  • Approx. Timings: 2/3 hour workshop and 1-hour concert
  • Staffing: 5 Babel Brass members
  • Shared Repertoire: New Orleans, Pop, Hip-Hop arrangements


Our successful collaboration with Music Generation Waterford has been recognized by the local authorities and featured in the local press.





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