Babel Brass Band offers a versatile range of line-ups that are tailored to suit any occasion, whether it be a grand festival, lively street party, captivating club performance, elegant corporate function, or a beautiful wedding.

We acknowledge that every event requires tailored entertainment, as one size simply does not fit all. Our understanding of this fact is reflected in the diverse line-up options we offer. Whether you desire festival headliners, a night of non-stop partying, or an unexpected flash-mob style performance to astonish your guests, each line-up possesses its own distinct personality while embodying the lively essence of the Babel Brass Band. To gain a deeper insight into the available options, we encourage you to delve into the detailed descriptions of our line-ups below.


Our primary line-up is the best you can get and what Babel Brass truly represents. Unparalleled display of energy and power through the combination of a brass band & M.C./rapper.

  • Best for:  festivals, large stage gigs, media appearances
  • Band size: 7-10
  • Line-up: MC/Rapper, 2 trumpets, trombone, sax, sousaphone, drums (optional DJ, 2nd trombone, 3rd trumpet)


The most versatile and flexible line-up is suitable for almost any occasion. We can play some of our headline arrangements and original, but also most of the pop/jazz/funk standards. 

  • Best for: small stage gigs, weddings, corporate parties
  • Band size: 5
  • Line-up: trumpet, trombone, sax, sousaphone, drums


This is the most price-effective option giving you a flavour of brass band but also able to bring more jazz combo vibes with wonderful solos appreciated by the audience.

  • Best for: intimate gigs, clubs, drink receptions, restaurants, bars
  • Band size: 4
  • Line-up: trumpets, sax, sousaphone/bass, drums (optional piano)


If you are looking for entertainment on the move then Babel Roamers got you covered. Our roaming brass band can take you and your guests on a truly New Orleans / Mardi Gras adventure.

  • Best for: surprise appearances, weddings, drink receptions, street parades, mobile events
  • Band size: 5
  • Line-up: trumpet, sax/2nd trumpet, trombone, sousaphone, drums


If you are looking for a  short jazzy, pop OR classical music piece performed on brass instruments to make an announcement or inspire a sense of celebration and festivity we are here

  • Best for: welcoming audiences, augmenting a special moment, fanfare announcement
  • Band size: 2-3
  • Line-up: 2 tr OR tr/trbn
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